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IMG_20190204_111201_1CS.jpg.af5989570d8f465c2ced8287cb106cd5.jpgThis is Janeth in her wheel chair in front of her house that is about the size of most of our master bedrooms. There is one overhead light bulb in the house and the only running water comes from a pipe about 10' behind the back door. Janeth's husband Eduardo must tend to her every need.

About 2 years ago a group of volunteers from the Handicap Foundation cemented in the muddy uphill path to the house so Eduardo could push Janeth in the wheel chair instead of carrying her on his back. Eduardo is getting too old to carry Janeth anymore.

Last year another volunteer arranged for a bed frame and box springs so they could get their mattress up off the floor.

This year a small group of volunteers took Stephanie Gonzalez's idea and are building a rudimentary bathroom for Janeth and Eduardo. Stephanie was the physical therapist at the Handicap Foundation. Joe Culleton, a retired contractor from Canada is the guy doing the work. Here's some photos of the hired help building the septic tank.


We've raised enough money to pay for the building of the septic and the rough out of the bathroom. What we need are some donations of bathroom fixtures (like a toilet, sink, shower head), plumbing supplies, assist bars, tile, grout, sink cabinet, toilet paper holders, towel racks, etc. Anything that can be used in a bathroom. If you have anything like that hanging around, please bring it by the Handicap Foundation (across from Chopsticks Restaurant) or to the book table at the Tuesday market. If you need someone to come and pick up your donation, email Penny Barrett pjbarrett@aol.com.

We believe Boquete is the most giving community in the world and we thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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