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El Matadot Announcement: Good News for Critter Keepers

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As some of you know, a few months ago I was fortunate enough to find a source for Nitenpyram.  Nitenpyram is an FDA-approved oral medication for dogs and cats which kills adult fleas within 30 to 45 minutes.  To take care of young fleas, eggs and larvae, you can continue to give one capsule per day for a few days or wait two or three days and then give one capsule per day for a couple or three days more.  You should treat all dogs and cats in the household at one time so that they don't pass fleas back and forth among themselves.  Nitenpyram has no bad side effects, but can increase  itching and scratching for a day or two.  This does not happen in all pets.
I still have some capsules remaining from my initial supply, but I know that with my own dog and requests from others, they may not last a lot longer.
Today I stopped into a pet store to check to see what is available there.  There were a couple of brands of oral flea medicines.  For small dogs and cats, a one month supply costs $21.  For larger dogs, the price is $28.  Another brand was $40.  These prices are for a one-month supply.  That sent me looking for a new source for Nitenpyram.  The good news is that I did find a good source.  The most common price for Nitenpyram capsules is $3.00 each in packages of six for $18.
I have been selling Nitenpyram capsules for larger dogs for $1.00 each  With the new source, I'll be able to continue selling it for $1.00 for quantities up to nineteen, but for twenty or more capsules, I can cut the price in half to fifty cents each.  (Pretty much a no-brainer, no?) By the way, these capsules are for dogs from 25 to 125 pounds.  For smaller dogs and for cats, you can snip the capsules into halves and sprinkle the medicine on food or in an ounce or two of milk.  That is a much less expensive way than to try to find lower dosages that will cost more.
I plan to place an order very soon so as not to take the risk that the source will dry up.  The reason for this notice is to determine the level of interest so that I know how much to order.  Also, I DO have some capsules available now for $1.00 each.  That is a very good price---only 1/3 of normal---so don't keep your pet waiting if you need to get rid of fleas.  The new order will probably take two or three weeks.  Oh, yes, the expiration date for the new capsules is some time in 2021 (and they are actually good beyond the expiration date)
My principle with El Matador is to solve problems I need to solve for myself and then figure that other people probably have similar problems.  I make, or, in this case, find problem-solving products and make them available at very reasonable prices.
You can either pre-order a quantity of Nitenpyram capsules (from one up to any number) or just tell me that you anticipate using them from time to time to help keep your pet(s) free of fleas.  Ordering will give me a better idea of how much to order, but I don't want to require you to commit.  Of course, I'll give priority to delivering all pre-orders.
If you want to order a specific quantity or tell me that you plan to get some capsules from time to time for your pet, please send an email to usn11958@gmail.com.  Use a subject of FLEAS. I'll reply with some additional information about Nitenpyram and also include several documents with information about El Matador Colloidal Silver, OuchAid Colloidal Silver Gel and  Boron Supplement, all of which are great for pets and people too.  I have not tried El Matador Pup-Fresh on people,.but it does keep your dog smelling nice between baths.
Please respond as soon as possible so that I can place my order  If you need some Nitenpyram soon, I do have some available.  I try to keep some in my vehicle and can often deliver it when you see me around town and virtually always at the Tuesday Market.  You can spot me at the market wearing a white tee shirt with the red El Matador logo.
Bob Gregory
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