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For new and old residents of Panama, moving to an unfamiliar country and culture can trigger fear, stress and anxiety.  Sometimes the stress and anxiety we experience become overwhelming, threatening to turn a move to Paradise into a move to Chaos.  These new life experiences can also create conflict between loved ones. Our natural urge is to fear and resist some of the changes going on in our lives.

There is a process to change that, when understood and handled consciously, can turn the fear, stress and resistance into positive and constructive channels.  The result is to move more easily through change with positive outcomes.  Relationships become aligned, mental clarity is achieved, better choices are made, and good mental, emotional and physical health are achieved.

Change is a fact of life. What we can control is how we manage change.

 I am pleased to serve the Boquete community, focusing on change management.  With over 20 years of coaching in change management, I bring the skills and expertise needed to assist you. I also have a new book out, Awakening in Change, available on Amazon.


I have office hours available through The Haven on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday and Saturday mornings. For more information on how Change Management Coaching can help improve your life and relationships please contact me, Merl Will-Wallace at 6534-5008 or go to www.counselingfortransition.com.  You can also schedule an appointment  through The Haven at 730-9345. My services are conducted in the strictest of confidences.

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