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Just want to say that in the last month we have been doing some upgrading around our house and have been using Ivan and want to report the excellent service from them in assisting us. It's a family run operation and very well executed. Great service and prices. It's the first place since being in Panama that  the staff behind the counter has asked me my name and where I live.

They have been very helpful! We are really glad they are here!


Well done Mr Ivan Liang!

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We LOVE Ivan's. Most things that you run around town all day for can be found with one stop at Ivan's. (My favorite story is about the man who found an obscure part there for a 1983 Datsun!) And, yes, the service is the best. It's a pleasure to shop at Ivan's.

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My husband LOVES Ivan's.  I think because they call him "guapo".  He came home not long ago and told me he was not the only guapo doing business there....other guys got called guapo and he thought he was certainly more guapo then they were ( I'm laughing).   That kind of burst his enthusiasm bubble !  OK that said, that family there at Ivans is #1 in our book and we LOVE giving them our business. ( and it doesn't hurt either to greeted: "Hello handsome"...when you are kissin 70 !. )

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