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North American television

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What's the best way to hook into North American television from here? We tried Apple TV a couple years ago, but were not very satisfied. Is there Roku? Does anyone use Slingbox? What other alternatives?

We are particularly interested in Canadian channels.

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USTVNow via Roku or IPTV with good Internet speed (both). We have both. Neither is perfect, but generally one of them is working if the other is not. I have not tried Slingbox, but some folks here have and maybe will respond.

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I believe you can buy a Roku in David. Try Panafoto or Multimax. We bought ours from Juan Arauz at Overclock, who also installed it and enrolled us in USTVNow. We also got our IPTV box from Juan, but he no longer is selling them. Carlos De Campos, of whom people speak very highly, also sells IPTV and sets it up. He comes here many weekends from the Azuero Peninsula. He was just here from December 30 through today. You can reach him to set up an appointment at 6752-0782 or carlos_decampos@hotmail.com.

See LINK for his announcement here.

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