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Tom and Yella @ Big Daddy's Grill


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Marcelyn and I had an enjoyable experience creating memories at Big Daddy's last Sunday, with Yella and Tom providing some really good music. We had had a personal invitation from Yella for this event, which she called her "Unbirthday Birthday Party". Yella had her real Birthday Party event at Big Daddy's a few weeks earlier, but it was so crowded that we could not get seated.

We arrived about 4:30PM and were quickly seated. Service was very attentive, and so Chris and his crew get good marks there. Although it was not our intention to stress out the chef, I had been wanting a chicken dish that was somewhat like a standard menu item at Big Daddy's, but not exactly. And so I asked for a special order. The waiter inquired as to what I was wanting, repeated my special request to be sure he thoroughly understood what I was asking for, and then checked with the chef. No problema. Chris' crew gets really good marks now. I view how a restaurant staff deals with special requests and special events as a true test of how well they treat their customers; Not a single issue here at Big Daddy's! Kudos' to everyone at Big Daddy's.

Our drinks were delivered in short order, and then we met some not so new to Boquete people at the table next to ours; they have lived here for about 5 years and yet we have never met before. Great conversation. Then our meals arrived about the time that the singing started, which was promptly at 5:00PM, just as advertised.

We have known Tom and Yella for a long time, and are so glad that we went to this event. It was easy listening music, and I had a special request of Yella, which she sang. I have always liked the song "The Auctioneer". Turns out that others at this event also liked that song, and so it almost became a sing-a-long.

After we left, we sat in the car for a moment and said to ourselves, wow, this is what good memories are made from. Good food, good service, good entertainment, good conversation, friendly people. What more can one ask for out of life?

Yella is a consummate entertainer. She and Tom must have music in their DNA.

Here are some pictures that we took of Yella and Tom.







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