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  1. Big Daddy’s Grill will be delivering Sundays during full quarantine weekends. open 7 days a week! 6250-1948 bigdaddysboquete.com Have you seen the new back patio??!!
  2. Hello Everyone! Over the last few months, we have been working hard, continuously striving to keep our safety standards at an extra high level. We have not closed at all during the pandemic and we very much thank you for your support. We are open 7 days a week from 11a-6p for take out or delivery. We are having a lot of fun coming up with specials such as our amazing pot roast, meatloaf and chicken pot pies. We are also getting some of the most amazing fresh fish, lobster, and octopus from Miguel. In addition, we have changed the way we purchase during the pandemic and are buying nearly 90 percent of our products from local sources in an effort to keep the money here in boquete! Attached is a video of one of the many examples of what we do to keep you safe! We are using UV Light Cell Phone cleaners for our staff and hand held Uv Lights to sanitize your to go box and your bag after it's sealed. Finally, we would like to thank the folks at GoGoose Delivery, without whom we would not be able to offer our food for delivery! Go Goose works as hard as we do to ensure that our food is delivered in a timely and SAFE manner. Click on the Link to check out one of our sanitizing procedures. https://www.facebook.com/1440137709363629/posts/3491135250930521/ Thanks Again for all your support, Big Daddy's Team video (1).mp4
  3. This Week we have added Country Fried Steak with mashed potato and cream gravy and Monte Cristo Sandwich! Mont Cristo is one of my all time favorite Sandwiches, perfect for a rainy day when locked in your house, this sandwich has turkey, ham, cheddar and swiss, lightly fried then topped with powdered sugar and dipped in raspberry jam. Place Your Order today, You can have it Delivered to your doorstep by simply clicking on the link below https://gogooseshop.com/big-daddys-grill/ This Week we will be offering some amazing Empanadas with ground beef with mozzarella in a handmade corn batter $2 For Pick up you can call 6250-1948
  4. Weare Delivering to your house! Portions are giant to make sure you have plenty of leftovers! Let us do the cooking for you! Stay Safe
  5. Thanks for the nice post!! In regards to being able to be out, we have a permit stamped by Mayors office to be out and delivering food. Best regards, Chris
  6. 18 televisions, basketball ball court, pool tables, Super bowl!
  7. Hi Bonnie, I completely understand your point! Live Music is on Wednesdays with our half price bottle promotion. The Music is only background, no singing, its at a very comfortable volume, but i understand your point of not being able to hear your guests talk! Thanks so much for your feedback! Best regards, Chris
  8. Boquete's newest Hotspot to eat drink and be with your friends. Boulder 54 is becoming the place to be and be seen! Every Wednesday we offer half price Bottles of wine, No restrictions, We have started doing Live Music, which ranges from all kinds of amazing styles and genres. We bring in new artist every other week to keep it fresh and new!
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    Every Saturday night at Big Daddy's Grill Sushi night!!!! From 5pm to 9 pm
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    Nice!!! Thank you for your kind words!!! I will definitely give the team Kudos!!!
  11. Chris Young

    Big Daddy's Grill

    Come and try some amazing food and fun at Big Daddy's Grill!!
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