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Sign up for Rodny Direct at the Tapout Restaurant - Saturday 2-4pm


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This Saturday, 2-4 PM at the Tapout Bar

Join Rodny Direct, meet Rodny in person and share a Christmas cookie.

For more than 12 years, Rodny’s unique super-911 membership service has proved invaluable and even life saving assistance for Boquete residents new and old. From mere translation to assisting with car problems, medical emergencies, crime reports, reporting power outages, Rodny has you covered - whatever you need, his services cover you wherever you are in Panama!

Take it from a Boquete old-timer - Rodny’s Helpline is the one service that I would not live without in Panama. Don’t miss meeting Rodny this Saturday and remember to pre-register.

Please visit his website first and pre-register - For your in-person meeting, you can then use your time to ask questions, finalize your subscription and enjoy the opportunity to meet him in person.



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As a resident here for now over 14 years, my husband and I can vouch for the importance of Rodny's service which we have utilized more than once.  Both instances were life and death situations : 1. a neighbor's home invasion and another 2. neighbor falling and becoming paralyzed.   Neither were things you would ever imagine happening !  We called and  Rodny took over in both instances providing police and as well emergency medical assistance when we were unable to manage alone.  We were members...our neighbors were not at that time.  They are now!   Give a gift of Rodny's own 911 services for Christmas.   I can not think of a better gift.     

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