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Boquete Nature Hikes

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Wednesday Boquete Nature Hikes will now be longer and meeting at 8:00 A.M. We will continue to hike "off the beaten path".

Wednesday Boquete Nature Hikes is now for the intermediate to advanced hiker and will be 4 hours or longer. 

Meeting at 8:00 A.M., Plaza San Francisco parking lot this Wednesday. At 8:05, we car pool to Lucero area to begin our hike into the town of Caldera via a back road, we have hiked on this road in the past.

There is El Charco La Cascada in the area, we will do some exploring and try to it find along the way. Our hike will be approx. 10.7 KM or 6.50 mi. more or less and about a 4 hours hike going downward, although not very steep and if, we find the Charco La Cascada our hike will be longer. 

It will be warm, so dress lightly. Remember to take rain gear, plenty of water, bug spray and a snack. We will end our hike at Restaurante Melissa, it does not have a menu but, super inexpensive. Bring money no twenties, Caldera is a small village. Hiking sticks are necessary, I have some to loan out and hiking shoes are preferred. 

If you have someone to pick you up in Caldera and take others back to Boquete that would be fantastic! We will have a few cars to help with passengers.

Let me know if you are going, email Jere McCormick - jere chica @ gmail.com (no spaces) 

See you on the trail.

Charco La Cascada.jpg

La Estrella-Melissa Map.jpg

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