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ACCBoquete Childrens Christmas Event

Event details

In 2019 ACCB was asked to take over the Children's Christmas Cookie party at Tap Out, because no one else wanted to do it, and keep the tradition created by Erin Ross of the Boquete Community Playhouse alive.  The Children's Christmas Cookie party included a special Christmas movie "in Spanish", face painters,  the Pinata's, arts and crafts tables and hot dogs and cookies to die for and Mrs. and Santa Claus to hand out little gift bags to each child.  That was our first year and when it was over, every ACCB member that worked that day said it was the best event we had all year and we promised Erin Ross ACCB would not let what was so near and dear to her heart, ever not happen.  There were nearly 400 children at that event.
So here we are, a year later facing the COVID 19 issues but we are determined to keep our word to Erin.  So trying to determine if we would be able to have the children come to the theater and do all the fun things, we were advised that most likely MINSA would not allow the children to gather in such a large group.  So we are doing the next best thing.  We have made arrangements for the school bus driver from House of Hope (Casa de la Esperanza) if he could deliver the Christmas gift bags to all the children, around 200+, to the same children he delivers food to every week.  House of Hope is very excited for us to do this but cautioned us that MINSA may be shutting some areas down during the holidays.  We are confident that won't happen and are proceeding on with our plans to make Erin's dream continue.   Our plan is to make delivery to all the children in the Comarca's on Saturday, December 19th.  We have also arranged for delivery to Jaramillo and Las Naranjo's the same day.  We anticipate we will reach out to 300-400 kids giving them something special for Christmas.  If we're lucky, we might even have Santa Claus help with the delivery.  

In order to accomplish this, we will need volunteers to bake or buy cookies to accommodate this many children.  If you can help, please contact Edie Baxter @  6760-9426 or email Linda Hart at 6716-1151 as soon as possible.

We will be putting all the goodies including the cookies in the gift bags for the kids Thursday, Dec. 17th at the Club House in Boquete Country Club.

This is a long time tradition for The Boquete Community Playhouse so please help us to keep our promise to Erin Ross and make some children very happy.  The little girl pictured below was taken last year at the Tap Out location and her face tells the whole story.  She has become our poster child so to speak.  

Thank you for your continued generosity.  Boquete expats are the best!  Thank you.

despite 67396634_Christmas201911.thumb.jpg.a541b6638fb68e85ae2ea41e2eb5b577.jpgdespite



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