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Rodny Direct Chiriqui Helpline Foils Robbery in Coronado

Rodny Direct


One of the great strengths of the Rodny Direct Helpline service is its association with the Panama Helpline in Coronado. Both organizations use the same professional database technology and are inter-operable so that one system can back up the other. 

Last Friday, October, 29, Rodny, doing night backup for Panama Helpline, received a call at 10:42PM from a member who reported a robber attempting to break into their home. With their Coronado resident ID, Rodny was able to call the Coronado police and direct them immediately to the scene of the crime in progress. The robbery was foiled and once again demonstrates the robustness and value of the Rodny Direct Helpline system. 

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This is the reason my husband and I are members of Rodny Direct. 

One important element is response along with watchfulness.   Our homes need to be secured with intruder alarms with sensors well away from the home entry itself.  On the issue of watchfulness, we need to be watching neighbors homes as well....especially ones where the residents have been gone for long periods.  One home in our community was ransacked after intruders disconnected electric wires on the street, cut into the house from the backside, and took their time inside the house tearing apart every inch .   The victims were Rodny Direct clients, however were not even in the country at the time.  Possibly watchful neighbors might have made a difference however the robbery could have occurred at 3 a.m.!! 

  I like the idea of a motion sensor at your home perimeter and the beeper alarm inside your neighbor's house.  If you are not home for long periods...the neighbor might have heard your alarm,and have had opportunity to call Rodny......and catch the guys red handed. I have a wireless unit where the sensors work on batteries ( AAs) and the alarm beeper is plugged into the battery pack inside my house.   It picks up intruders as far away as in my neighbors yard and communicates through the cement walls of my house .  $50 at amazon.com.....that, and Rodny Direct are well worth it.

Hope to see you next Tuesday at the BCP Market when Rodny announces his insurance plan offer and signs up and renews RD members.


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