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A Shaking Tree -- Now Where's My Coffee?




I stumbled into the kitchen this morning (early, at least for me) and immediately noticed a coffee tree in the finca next door was shaking. Must be an earthquake was my first thought. But then on a closer look none of the other coffee trees were moving. Just one tree was dancing violently from its top to its roots.

Better check on this, so even before having my first cup of coffee, off I trotted across the patio toward that special tree.

As I rounded the corner, there stood Anouk with a puzzled look on her face. Thought her brow was wrinkled. She was not quite sure what was going on. Not a sound except leaves rubbing together. As I moved closer to the mystery tree, I could see a small dark spot among the leaves toward the tree top. Then another dark coloring was moving in among the branches.

Now I could spot two kittens in the tree. Having fun maybe. Then mamma cat came toward me. Seemed worried about those little ones. What was a protective mamma cat to do?

I hurried back to the kitchen and prepared "a big cat breakfast". Sounded my usual food call and suddenly there were two kittens (looking a little rumpled) but very hungry waiting at the kitchen door.

Guess "All's Well that Ends Well".

Now where's my coffee?



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