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Join Us For A "Cinco De Mayo" Private Fiesta!

Judith Tovar

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                              JOIN US FOR A CINCO DE MAYO "PRIVATE FIESTA"!                                   

                                            at “La Casa Mexicana” (in David)


MAY 5, 2018 (SATURDAY) = This is a “private” party!    =   Only 25 spaces available on our new "gold" tour bus. Party down, party back.  Leave the driving to our "designated bus driver."



          1.)   Bus will leave Boquete at 11:45AM. We will arrive at “La Casa Mexicana” around 12:30PM.

          2.)   A delicious Mexican Buffet lunch will be provided for you.  In our price you will also have a choice of two “Margaritas” OR two “Corono beer”.

          3.)  You will be entertained by 2 Mariachi singers for 1 hour.  We can sing along with them and have a real “Party”!!

          4.)  “La Casa Mexicana” has a little store attached where you can buy beautiful Mexican items, directly from Mexico.    


5.)   At 3:30PM we will head back to Boquete.  

            6.)   Estimated time of arrival is 4:15PM.


This package includes: The round bus trip, Buffet Mexican lunch, 2 Margaritas OR 2 Corona beer, 2 Mariachi singers for 1 hour…. super fun afternoon!!  Extra drinks are on your own.


Total package: $45.00 per person 

Please contact:

Linda Hart – lhart249@hotmail.com  OR  Judith Tovar - easytravel@cwpanama.net


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