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Whenever I'm busy with a large project I tend to not want to cook or dine out.  I'll pickup a bunch of cold cuts and cheeses and such and eat sandwiches.  I primarily shop at El Rey at Terronal Plaza and I always get Virginia ham at their deli counter.  This time they had "Sugardale Country Inn Ham low sodium."  This is by far the best tasting ham I've had in Chiriqui.  Great taste and low sodium to boot.  A bit pricey at $15.55 per kilo ($7.07 per pound) when compared to their regular hams but well worth it.


As we all know everyone once in a while Pricesmart will have beef with good marbling.  This week they have rib eyes with the best marbling I've seen in my five years here.  Reasonably priced at $9.19 per kilo ($4.84 per pound).  I stocked up!  In fact I had one for dinner last night and I'm eating one for breakfast as I type!  These are the real deal.  I hope they have them next week too!  Photo attached.






rib eye pricesmart.png

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