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I am making a new post about our experience with Planet Telecom.  I initially posted this reply in response to a discussion about CableOnda and Mobilnet.  Within that post, a comment was made about buffering problems experienced with Planet Telecom with 3 Mbps.  I don't know the reasons for the posters' buffering problems, but our experience is with only 2 Mbps, and it is completely different. 


We've had Planet Telecom up here in Volcancito for over three years.

We pay for 2 Mbps and we stream TV show, movies, music, Netflix and have a Vonage phone for business and personal calls back to the states. And we can do these simultaneously. 

In addition, we share the signal with two casitas on our property.  The rental casita streams similar to us.  Federico's casita primarily uses the internet for the children's schoolwork and his English lessons.

We've had minimal problems with buffering and this usually occurs on Sunday when everyone is watching a football games or during the typical slow time for everyone between 6 and 9 PM.  When people with CableOnda complained about buffering problems (on Ning) we rarely experienced those problems.

You may want to check your configurations (router + wifi + computer) and also see what else is using bandwidth such as VPN or other applications. Leaving an email program running and even FB can use bandwidth.

When we first rented here, we used MobilNet and paid for the upgrade to 2 Mbps and the buffering was terrible.

This is our experience with Planet Telecom.  Dave and Al have been easy to work with and have been very helpful in helping us configure our system. 

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