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Courtesy Post - Moritz needs a home

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I lost my dog on May 2nd and lost my husband on May 3rd.
I am returning to the States and renting a room in my sister's home with her husband and daughter.  I can't take this dog with me.  I have been asking all of my friends to ask around to see if someone wants a nice, loving dog.  This poor dog has had a very pitiful life!  He just wants to be loved.  Dr. Chely thinks he is three years old mas o menos.  I'm having him fixed Sep. 28.

His face is quite bitten from when he was a street dog, lots of little scars and big.  His ear has been intentionally cut up.  His nose has suffered at the hands of a machete.  Part of his tongue is missing, either cut off or bitten off, it's an awfully straight cut.  He inhales his food like you are going to snatch it from him and he will miss yet another meal.  I bought him two toys, he didn't know how to play with toys.  I cried.

He is very lovable.  He lets me know whenever he sees or hears something.  He has acute senses.  He does not want to ride in the car.  He does not want to be abandoned again.  He wants to sit by your side and have you pet him and know that he is loved.  I gave him a shower and he just stood there while I made him clean.  I don't think he liked it, but he did not try to get out of the shower.  This poor guy deserves a chance at a better life.  I think he would be loyal for life.

Contact Marguerite Heffner 6959-4825 or  panamagirl52@gmail.com


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