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Message from U.S. Embassy re Conjunctivitis


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U.S. Embassy in Panama


Message for U.S. Citizens: Conjunctivitis Precautions


September 5, 2017




Conjunctivitis Precautions:



In the past couple of weeks the incidences of conjunctivitis in Panama have been growing rapidly and conjunctivitis is now considered an epidemic by the Panama Ministry of Health. There have been more than 25,000 cases reported nationally and more than 6,300 in the city of Panama alone. Conjunctivitis affects the eyes and is caused by a virus-like microorganism called Enterovirus. Practicing good hygiene is the best way to avoid conjunctivitis and control its spread:


Here are a few pointers to protect yourself and control the spread of conjunctivitis.


·         Don’t touch your eyes with your hands.

·         Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.

·         Change your towel and washcloth daily, and don’t share your towel with others.

·         Avoid the use of eye cosmetics, particularly mascara.

·         Don’t use another person’s eye cosmetics or personal eye-care items.

·         Follow your eye doctor’s instructions on proper contact lens care.


You can soothe the discomfort of conjunctivitis by applying cold compresses to your affected eye or eyes. To make a compress, soak a clean cloth in cold (iced) water and wring it out before applying it gently to your closed eyelids.


Also it is important to avoid crowded places where conjunctivitis may be spread. Finally, always consult your physician before beginning any treatment.



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