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ARF May report

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Hello everyone!  For May, the amount of monthly donations was $1169.00 and expenses totaled $2090.00  Thank you to everyone who contributed! 


In May 1 dog and 1 cat found their forever home. 


A total of 22 feral cats were taken to the clinic and sterilized thru our cat trapping program.  Please consider donating to this important program thru our website.  It takes approximately $300 per month to maintain.  Reference “cat trapping” and your donation will go directly for food and medical expenses for the ferals. 



For June we are heading back to Mike’s Global Grill.  We will have more tables in place for this event so there should be plenty of room for everyone.  Thursday June 15th is the date from 1:00pm-3:00pm.  Please give us your feedback.  We are working on various other venues and would like to hear your thoughts or suggestions. 

Come early, get your preferred seat and order some lunch.  Happy Hour drink prices will be offered.   Bring all your friends!  The more that attend the bigger the cash prizes!

Pancake Breakfast – We are doing it again with a bit of a twist.  This will be a combination adoption event and car wash.  Come for breakfast and while you eat and socialized your car will be cleaned!  Of course, we are accepting donations for this service.  Currently scheduled for August 12 – more details coming.  If you have tickets from the previous scheduled breakfast they will be honored at the door.


Monthly Adoption Event:  We are in the process of organizing a monthly adoption event to be held at the library, and possibly other venues in the future.    These will be held the first Saturday of each month.  Our first one is scheduled for July 1st from 10:00am to 12:00N.  Come by and meet your new best friend!


Radio Chiriqui

On Saturday, May 20th, two representatives from ARF spoke about what we do and the need for the community’s support.  We hope this will trigger an upsurge in people willing to volunteer, and also donations.  Our goal is to get more Panamanians involved with our mission, and slowly but surely, we are getting there.

We are always looking for new volunteers!

Come join us!  Volunteering can be a rewarding experience where you can meet people with similar interests.  We have a wide variety of options available where you can utilize your skills.  Here is a run-down of the current volunteer positions we are looking to fill.  If you are interested, please email us, or visit our site and complete the volunteer form.


Fosters!  Fosters!  Fosters!  We are ALWAYS looking for people to foster the animals we rescue.  Currently we have no fosters available so we are in a situation right now that if someone contacts us to help an animal we cannot assist.  When you foster for ARF, all we ask is that you can provide a safe and loving environment.  We provide food and any medical care needed.


We are looking for reliable bi-lingual people to help with rescues.  Sometimes it is just a matter of educating the owners on the proper care of their animals and the situation improves.  Other times it is an obvious case of neglect or abuse that we must pursue.


Fundraising committee:  This is a fun committee where ideas are brainstormed about possible upcoming fundraisers and planning our usual events.


Represent ARF each week at the Tuesday market:  Help with set up and tear down of the ARF tent and the handling of the animals we bring to show for adoption.  Also, answer questions from the public regarding ARF and our work.


Do you know what you’re feeding your animal?  I watched an interesting movie on Netflix the other day.  It’s an investigative expose on the inner workings of the commercial pet food industry and how it has largely gone unchecked.  The name of the movie is “Pet Fooled”.  Check it out.

Also, you can go to this link.  In 2015 a study on 2200 different types of dog food was done and only 119 were found to be satisfactory:  http://iheartdogs.com/company-researches-2200-dog-food-formulas-and-finds-only-119-to-be-satisfactory/

Regulators have developed a special terminology for labeling packages.  For example, any product containing the word “dinner”, “nugget” or “formula” only have to contain 25% actual meat.  Any product labeled “with” only has to contain 3%, and anything labeled “flavor” such as “chicken flavor” may contain little to no meat.

Featured Dog – Wendy is about two and a half years old and gets along well with other dogs and cats and loves to play.  She is a bit on the quiet side – doesn’t bark much.  She is on the smaller-medium size, and weighs about 18 kg or 40 lbs.

Featured Cat - Tanya

Tanya is an adult female cat, approx. 6 years old.  She would make the ideal companion.  Being older, she has a mellow and mature personality and doesn't need to be entertained like a kitten.  She does not get along with other cats and would prefer to be the only house cat.  She is looking for a lap to “cuddle” on.

We have puppies!

Check out these cuties.  They were all fixed at the May clinic, and are now ready for adoption.

ARF is a small non-profit animal organization dedicated to the rescue, care, foster and adoption of the unwanted and neglected animals in Boquete and the surrounding areas.  Please visit our website at http://www.arf-boquete.com/  if you are interested in adopting an animal.  You can also help with the financial support of these animals by clicking here http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html 100% of our donations go to the animals.

Our email address is arf.boquete@gmail.com

Please visit and “like” our Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/ARF-Adopt-Rescue-Foster-Boquete-Panama-260616740779036/

YouTube: Adopt Rescue Foster ARF Boquete Panama

Also, please visit our sister site Pets Want Homes if you are interested in adopting an animal on http://www.petswanthomes.com/




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