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2 hours ago, MarieElaine said:

Has anyone applied for and received the 2 year Visa.  If so, could you share your experience with us please.

You mean the 2 year temporary residency card? 

Also under which class of residency did you apply under? The process would be different depending on how you are planning to obtain the residency. 

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I think Marie is talking about the decree 167 visa. It gives you a two year residency and a work visa. It is low cost compared to other visa options. The only things I have heard on another forum is someone who filled out the application online, and then you are supposed to wait for them to notify you for an appointment. I believe he is still waiting to be contacted for an appointment. He posted that he is out doing a 30 day border hop right now. Another person posted that they applied last year when this first came out. He waited several months and then was contacted that he had an appointment time this May. I haven't seen any posts by him as to how it went. Another person posted that they talked to someone that went down to immigration and they said this visa was only for people that are wanting to work in Panama, not people with pensions. I personally talked to someone from immigration and they said to apply online and they were giving out appointments for May. This was maybe 6 weeks or so ago. I don't believe an appointment would be given out that fast. They also said that doing a 30 day border hop would disqualify you since you can't have left the country for more than 30 days and you should try to fly out for two weeks instead if you were needing to do a border hop.This also doesn't make sense.  Someone else posted that they were told that immigration has received over 30,000 applications. If that were the case, I can't imagine how long it would take them to go through all of those applications and then have them all come in for appointments.  Other than that I haven't seen anything online about anyone that has said that they actually have this visa. 

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  • Admin_01 changed the title to Curious, has anyone received the 2 year Residency Visa?

I will but I have had a delay and thought I might take the repositioning cruise out of Colon next April/May instead.  I will need to get some kind of residency as my 6 months runs out in the fall and just wanted to know if anyone has successfully received one of these new residency visas.

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