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BJBF Garden Party...Dispelling a Rumor

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Despite the apparent rumor circulating through our little pueblo, there are LOTS of tickets still available for the Garden Party at the Panamonte Inn on Friday, and also LOTS of tickets available for the fabulous double jam scheduled for Saturday evening at The Rock.  Stop by and see us tomorrow at the Tuesday Market or at the office in the Mercado (second floor across from Ro-Her) on Wednesday 9-2 or Thursday 9-2 (you'll be in town anyway for the Parade, right??).  Tickets are $25 (CASH ONLY Please), and will also be available at the door until we reach capacity.

Other Jams available for pre-purchase or at the door are Baru Restaurant following the show in Central Park, and also at Baru Friday evening after the show at Valle Escondido. These tickets are $10.

The Jams at Mike's are currently sold out for pre-sale.  A limited number of tickets MAY be available at the door starting about 8:45 if space permits. 

Also available are a limited number of tickets to the shows at Valle Escondido on Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday.  These tickets are available online at www.mieventos.com, in person at the office, and at the door (space available).

If you are still thinking about attending the "Biggest Little Festival in the World," GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!  You don't want to miss out!

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