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Important message from the U.S. Embassy


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U.S. Embassy in Panama

Consular Section-Federal Benefits Unit 

Message for U.S. Citizens

January 26, 2017


As part of the Foreign Enforcement Program, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has recently informed us that there are still over 200 Social Security benefits recipients residing in Panama who have not returned their “Report to the US Social Security Administration” form, which serves as their “Proof of Life.”  Please note that the Social Security Administration suspended those benefits for the payment dated February 3, 2017.


In May/June of each year these forms are sent to the mailing address recipients have on record with the SSA.   A second request is mailed in October.   


If you are receiving benefits from the SSA and meet any of the conditions below, you were required to comply with this requirement in 2016:


vBeneficiary with a representative payee or

vBeneficiary aged 90 and over or

vThe terminal digits of your SSN ends in 00 - 49


If any of those requirements applies to you and you have not returned your proof of life form to the Social Security Administration or to the Federal Benefits Unit and you wish to obtain a blank form, please send an e-mail to Panama-FBU@state.gov.   We will forward the form and instructions to you to have your benefits reinstated.

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