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Casa Botania/great get away and Border Run!

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We have done the border run here twice and made a 3 day weekend out of it. A beautiful drive, easy border crossing at Rio Sereno, great host, food,peaceful, and absolutely charming. A great place to get away and chill out! Stunning views from each cabin! Don't miss the Wilson Botanical Gardens!


SAN VITO, CR (506) 2773-42-17

Casa Botania Bed & Breakfast

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Doing the “border run” from Panama to Costa Rica is a common thing for expats who live in Boquete, Volcan and surrounding areas, who don’t have their resident’s visa. The Panamanian tourist visa is good for 6 months, but a foreign driver’s license is only good for the first 3 months after you enter Panama, which means that, until the resident’s visa application gets approved, many expats end up going to Costa Rica every three months.

Casa Botania seems to be a perfect gateway to turn your border run into a pleasant journey. Being only 30 minutes away from the border of Rio Sereno and a little over an hour from the border of Paso Canoas, many expats have found their way to San Vito to stay a couple of nights before returning to Panama.

We are happy to assist you in any way, from providing all information you need about the border procedure to arranging taxis from and to the border, at very reasonable rates thanks to special arrangements between Casa Botania and the taxi drivers.

If you prefer taking a bus, that is also very easy as every hour there is a bus from San Vito to Rio Sereno.

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I hope you've visited the Wilson Botanical Gardens while you're there, about 1.5 km away. A biological station of the Organization of Tropical Studies (a consortium of 63 universities--and also called Las Cruces), it is primarily a research and study facility. But they entertain day visitors, give tours, and have a number of very pleasant bungalows to rent overnight. As I recall, the food is fabulous. And for those interested in tropical gardening, it's a place to die for. For more information, see www.ots.ac.cr/ and http://costa-rica-guide.com/nature/refuges/wilson-botanical/. 

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