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"Casa Decor Boquete IS NOT CLOSING! There are rumors about the store closing. These are just RUMORS. The store is for sale. The store is open for business and we are not closing it. We have some interested parties looking at it. However, it is not closing. Due to health reasons one of the owners must return to the USA. This is a private matter, we had thought it was our right to remain in business and deal with our private lives without having to go public about personal issues. It appears we are wrong. For that, we apologize. This store is a success due to the support of this community. Casa Decor Boquete and all the parties involved love this store. We remain confident this store will find new owners and continue to be the same consignment store business as it currently is. Please call or come by if you are concerned. Casa Decor Boquete is not closing. This is a stable and solid business. The store is unique and the customers come from  all over the whole country of Panama. You are invited to continue shopping and consigning with Casa Decor Boquete just as you have done for the last three years! Thank you for your support and kind words from so many of you. Please do not listen to the rumor mill, we are not closing the business.  Casa Decor Boquete owners, staff, and vendors, consignees, and everyone that we do business with appreciates the confidence you have shown by shopping here. Thank you."  _Patsi & John Phillips, Owners



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