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"El Patron del Schwarma”; David
So far, we've eaten the $6 shawarmas; my husband had the pollo and I had the carne.  They were nice.  We've also sampled the falafels which were tasty as well.

A small, hole in the wall, “El Patron del Schwarma” is located on Obaldia  across the street from Hotel Lleras, about 1/2 mile from the interAmericana hwy toward town (David) .  Obaldia is the street Super Baru is on.

If you’re traveling the new Boquete hwy toward David, after you cross over the interAmericana hwy bridge, pass the Stadium on the left, pass Beverly Hills Plaza on the left, you come to the corner of the Plaza Porras (red siding) and BCT Bank, on the left.
Turn left at that corner and go 1 block to Obaldia and El Patron will be in front of you.
A menu is attached/included.
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just to clarify, it is a very small place.  Only 2 tables which each seat 5, and a couple small "counters" that have more handmade stools than people could actually sit at and eat at together.  nonetheless, all the food is homemade, with fresh ingredients--at least when we ate there.  I hope that doesn't change.

the owner served a small, probably no more than a tablespoon sized, tazita of a salsa to go on the shawarma.  To us, it was very delicious, and we wished she'd be a bit more generous with it as it suited our taste buds.  maybe, if you like it, you can ask for more of it, and she might get the hint that it's a hit.

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