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Sony STR-DE185 Stereo Receiver 2-channel audio/video surround receiver with 100 watts per channel

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Asking $50 for Receiver only


The STR-DE185 stereo receiver pumps out 100 watts per channel across both its two channels and uses discrete output transistors--that is, transistors in place of cheaper and lower-quality integrated-circuit chips--to ensure high-quality music presentations. The receiver features an FM/AM tuner with 30 station presets (20 FM, 10 AM) and a universal remote control. Separate A and B speaker outputs (stereo left/right) let you listen to the same program across two sets of speakers placed in different parts of the house.

A switched AC outlet lets you plug another device into the receiver, conserving wall sockets and powering up the plugged devices at the same time as the receiver. When the receiver powers on and off, so also will the component plugged into the power outlet, provided you leave its power set to "on."

See photos for details.  

Thanks for looking!

Marilyn 6839-8086




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