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Here's are some real questions for you utility experts: almost everyday the power goes off temporarily for just a few minutes.
What specifically is happening with Fenosa when this occurs?
Is the equipment turning off, then automatically resetting itself?
Has a real person caused it, then corrected it?

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It is amazing that in a place very close to where the electrical power is generated there exist problems with the power going off.  But it is not wonder because in Panama City people living less than 4 miles from the Potable Water Plant lack of good good service of potable water to their houses.


According to what I have heard and started to watch this problems is very common up in the mountains and not in the towns down and close to David.   I guess this problem has to do mostly with problems of the power lines and tree branches in a windy area.  Fenosa should have a maintenance crew that should be trimming and keeping tree branches out of the reach of the power lines.  

There could be another reasons to this problem but I am looking what could be the other reasons for this to occur.



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9 minutes ago, Bonnie said:

This can't be good for appliances.

We added a solar backup system to our house when we first arrived.  The grid/solar switching system is as sensitive to frequency fluctuations as it is to voltage fluctuation, and one thing I am sure of is that Fenosa power is frequency "dirty", and that is very hard on any appliance with a motor.

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