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An (old) attempt recycled against personal security for those who travel on these inter-city buses. A single passenger carrying a back-pack or big handbag (or both) is watched taking a seat at David on these buses with two floors running at night. And if this person does seat in a part of the bus sparsely populated, jintending to sleep comfortably, just before departing, will be appraoched by a gang of 2-3 who will seat nearby and asap, and then proceed to spray this unsuspecting traveller with a strong chemical that will cause several hours of deep sleep. These thieves will then take anything of value and even empty the purse of wallet and then replace it in the pocket or bag. All this would happen before Gualaba, as there is a police check, even if the police does not make an sustained effort to wake the deeply asleep traveller from his/her chemical induced slumber.

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