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Thank You Bonnie!

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I have been loyal to ning only because I was familiar with it's formatting and I was hoping the new management would be an improvement.  Well, I finally got "fed up to here" with Olga Suarez jumping all over everyone's posts and bringing up inappropriate subjects and let her have it when she posted that she was going to give out personal information of users for possible interviews by journalists.  When Bonnie read these posts she sent me a personal email and told me to join Chiriquí.Life and I am so glad I have.  What a pleasure it is to read posts from the entire community and not be criticized by Olga for being "wrong" when she has no personal experience with the topic and doesn't even live here.  Her recent post suggested she lives in Boquete when it was my assumption she works for the corp who owns ning out of Miami.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction Bonnie.

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On May 7, 2016 at 11:45 AM, MarieElaine said:

...let her [Olga Suarez] have it when she posted that she was going to give out personal information of users for possible interviews by journalists. 

Marcelyn and I discussed whether we should respond. Consider this to be only a sidebar comment for the benefit of CL members. We are not commenting on anything that the management of other websites may or may not do, or threaten to do.

Be advised that CL does not release its members' private (contact) information. Never have, never will, except under legal process. Each member's email address is part of the private information, which is accessible only by the owners/administrators of CL. Further, we do not have any other member contact information, such as your telephone, physical address, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

CL members are free to disclose their private information if they so choose. Just don't look to CL as the source of any leak.

Note, however, that the information in each member's profile is public information, and visible by anyone who chooses to look there.

The only way a CL member can be contacted by another person through CL would be via a private message. We have the tools to manage anyone who abuses the private message functionality of CL. So far that has not happened, and hopefully will not.

For more information about CL's privacy policy, please see http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/5-privacy-policy/.

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Thank you for your greetings and it is so good to know that personal info is not given to anyone outside this site. After a few days I am getting used to the format and finding my way around.  You will have to forgive me if I mess up and post something to the wrong forum though.  LOL

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