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Panama’s Reforestation Visa Explained


Posted 02/06/2024

Panama’s Reforestation Visa Explained

For those looking to mix investment with environmental responsibility, Panama’s Reforestation Visa offers a unique opportunity to obtain permanent residency by investing in eco-friendly reforestation projects. Request a replay of our previous webinars to better understand this eco-friendly pathway or other investment opportunities available.  This program proves Panama’s commitment to environmental protection, allowing foreign investors to contribute to reforestation efforts and, in return, gain permanent residency.  This visa, regulated by the Ministry of Environment, not only facilitates residency and potential citizenship but also aligns with sustainable investment principles, contributing to ecological restoration and economic growth in Panama.

Investment Processes and Requirements
Panama offers two pathways to residency through this visa:

  • Express Process:With a minimum investment of $360,000 ($350,000 in reforestation and $10,000 for management), investors can directly obtain permanent residency.
  • Regular Process: Requires a $100,000 investment ($90,000 in land and $10,000 for management), leading to a provisional residency for two years, after which permanent residency can be applied for.

Investors must prove the investment funds originate from abroad, and must also maintain the investment for a minimum period of 5 years, supporting reforestation and local community growth.


  • The Express Process grants permanent residency within 60 to 180 days post-application.
  • The Regular Process offers provisional residency, leading to permanent residency within 3 years, including the provisional period.


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