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The Panama Universal Educational Social Assistance Program (PASE-U)

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The Panama Universal Educational Social Assistance Program (PASE-U)


 Posted 29/04/2024

April 25 the Government was to begin disbursing a total of 32 million 229 thousand 530 dollars for the corresponding payment of the Universal Educational Social Assistance Program (PASE-U).  It is to pay for scholarship competitions, distinguished positions, art, culture, sports and disabilities to 247,319 students who were to receive payments through their Clave Social card.  As of Monday, April 29, the payment of the Universal Educational Social Assistance Program (PASE-U) started, which is intended for students who receive the benefit through checks.  The information was provided by the Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources (Ifarhu), detailing that this program covers 495,380 primary, high school and high school students, both from official and private schools.  According to Ifarhu, the total amount of the benefit amounts to $50,161,503, corresponding to the first payment of the PASE-U for the year 2024.  The disbursement will be carried out following the schedule published on the Ifarhu website.


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