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Tourist Visa from the US Embassy

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Tourist Visa from the US Embassy


 Posted 29/03/2024

Great news for those wanting to enter the US on a tourist visa!  The United States Embassy will make your appointment for a tourist visa. The United States Embassy in Panama just announced greater flexibility in scheduling appointments for tourist visas. The U.S. Embassy in Panama has taken a significant step toward greater accessibility by announcing the opening of new interview appointments for tourist visas every Wednesday. This initiative seeks to provide applicants with the opportunity to advance their appointments in a more convenient and efficient manner. According to the statement issued by the Embassy, the Consular Section will open new interview appointments for tourist visas every Wednesday. This measure will allow applicants to access a more dynamic appointment scheduling system, making it easier for them to reschedule their appointments based on their availability and needs. To take advantage of this new opportunity, interested parties must follow some simple steps:
Visit the Website or Call by Phone: Applicants can access the website http://ustraveldocs.com or call +507 833-9393 to begin the process. Login to your Personal Profile: Once on the website, applicants must log in to their profile using their email and password. Reschedule Appointment: Once inside their profile, applicants must click on the "Reschedule Appointment" option to select a new date that fits their schedule and preferences. This new measure represents a significant advance in the process of applying for tourist visas to the United States from Panama. By offering the ability to schedule interview appointments more frequently and flexibly, the Embassy seeks to streamline the process and better serve applicants, while ensuring compliance with relevant safety protocols and regulations. The opening of new tourist visa interview appointments each Wednesday by the U.S. Embassy in Panama reflects its ongoing commitment to improving the applicant experience and facilitating access to consular services. This measure will benefit those who wish to travel to the United States for tourism purposes, allowing them to schedule their appointments more conveniently and efficiently.
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