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Easter Thursday and Good Friday in Alanje

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Easter Thursday and Good Friday in Alanje


 Posted 26/03/2024

DAVID, CHIRIQUÍ: More than 100,000 people are expected to arrive at a pilgrimage at the Santo Cristo de Alanje Sanctuary for Easter.  The authorities in the municipalities of Bugaba and especially Alanje, where the largest pilgrimage of people to the National Sanctuary of Santo Cristo de Alanje takes place, stated that they will be strict in complying with the regulations for no sales of alcoholic beverages, the closure of bars and canteens and other provisions that are in place for these days of Holy Week, Thursday and Good Friday.


"We have a decree for the fifth consecutive year here in our district, where we regulate all issues that have to do with the sale of alcoholic beverages, dance activities, ties, music, canteens, restaurants, supermarkets regulate everything that is the distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages in the next few days, Thursday and Good Friday,” said  Rafael Quintero, Municipality of Bugabaalanje-8.jpg

It is in these two districts, like David, where the largest pilgrimage of citizens takes place to the Diocesan Sanctuary of Alanje, where the congregation of about 100 thousand people is expected during the days of Holy Week.  "Practically we are already prepared with the security forces, we have already made all the coordination with the National Police, the Ministry of Health regarding first aid, civil protection, the Red Cross, the firefighters, we have already coordinated,"  said  Mary Sánchez, Municipality of Alanje.  

Security agencies stated that more than 300 units will be vigilant to prevent accidents both on the pilgrimage route to the Alanje district and in other points of Chiriquí. Most of these fun activities that take place in these communities, whether cockpits, dances, or the sale of alcoholic beverages, are closed from Wednesday to Sunday, according to the provisions of each of these mayoral decrees.



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