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Fraud Alert from the Panama National Police

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Fraud Alert from the Panama National Police


Posted 10/03/2024

We hear these stories more often than enough from our neighbors and workers, and that might even include your maids and gardeners and it never ends.  The deputy commissioner of the Judicial Investigation Directorate of the National Police, Diego Araúz also hears about them and wants you to be aware.  You can always send me some of your interesting stories addressed to me at panamanewsroom@gmail.com to broadcast. More and more citizens and expats are easy prey to the psychological game of criminals or organized groups that are dedicated to the crime of fraud in Panama. Playing with the emotion of people who trust that they have won a juicy prize or the satisfaction of acquiring a desired product at a low cost through online shopping has not gone out of style, however, criminals are now betting on desperation or the humanity of their victims through the strategy of the seriously ill relative, explained deputy commissioner of the Judicial Investigation Directorate of the National Police, Diego Araúz.  This new psychological game begins with the call to the victim who is told about the serious relative and asks for urgent money for medical expenses, transportation, ambulance payment, purchase of a pint of blood, an operation, treatment, etc.  They sell the victim that the physical integrity, health and even the life of their relative depends on the money they are requesting for medical treatment, Araúz maintains.  After contact, the criminals send the bank details via WhatsApp where they can make the deposit or request the money through a digital money transfer platform.

http://Fraud Alert from the Panama National Police

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