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Universal Services, your best choice for translation and legal services in the Republic of Panama

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 🌐 Certified Translation Services in Panama 🌐

🔹 Need certified translation services in Panama? Look no further! Our expert team of Panamanian certified translators is here to assist you with all your translation needs.

🔹 Certified Translations: We offer certified translations for all types of documents, including legal, medical, academic, and more. Our translations are signed and stamped by Panamanian certified translators, ensuring accuracy and authenticity.

🔹 Convenient Nationwide Service: Whether you're in Panama City or anywhere else in Panama, we've got you covered. We provide certified translations both physically and electronically, making it easy for you to access our services from anywhere in the country.

🔹 Fast and Reliable Delivery: Receive your translated documents quickly and securely. We'll send you an electronic copy of the translation via email, and for the original or physical copy, we can arrange delivery to your location through courier services.

🔹 Apostille Processing and Embassy Legalization Services: Need apostille processing or embassy legalization services? We've got you covered! Our team can handle all your authentication needs, even if you live far away from Panama City.

🔹 Legal Services: In addition to translation services, we also offer top-notch legal services in Panama. Our experienced attorneys specialize in immigration law and corporation law, providing expert guidance and assistance to clients. We also provide assistance for permanent residency applications, work permit applications, and Panamanian ID card applications for individuals who were born in the former Panama Canal Zone.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started on your translation or legal project. Visit our website at www.certifiedtranslatorpanama.com or email us at info@certifiedtranslatorpanama.com! ¡Hablamos español e inglés! 🇵🇦

📞 For inquiries, contact: Edgardo Espinosa, Esq.
📱 Phone/WhatsApp: +507 6290-3468
📍 Location: Panama City, Panama


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