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Three dead in attempted robbery of Lottery office

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Three dead in attempted robbery of Lottery office


Posted 25/02/2024

Three people died and another is in critical condition following a shootout during an attempted robbery at the branch of the National Charity Lottery, located in El Dorado.

The incident occurred when four or five, men tried to carry out the robbery and two security agents from the institution confronted them.

According to preliminary reports, two guards have died the other is in critical condition. One of the alleged criminals was taken to the San Miguel Arcangel Hospital but did not survive. The other was found dead in a street near the scene of the incident.

The other suspect sought medical attention at Susana Jones Hospital, apparently to avoid connection to the attempted robbery. He was detained at the medical center and remains in police custody.

The commissioner of the National Police, Jorge Domínguez, said there are six fully identified people involved in the case. “There could be more,” Domínguez added, indicating that in the next few hours, raids will be carried out in other areas of the city, as part of the investigations,

Domínguez also specified that at least two vehicles that were allegedly used in this robbery attempt, reported at around 12:30 pm this Sunday, have been recovered.


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