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Missing Cardinal Hospitalized and Undergoing Tests

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Missing Cardinal Hospitalized  and Undergoing Tests


Cardinal José Luis Lacunza.

Posted 03/02/2024

Cardinal José Luis Lacunza is in a private medical center in David (Chiriquí) to undergo medical tests, but he is in good health, according to reports.

The investigations into his disappearance continue to be part of the process that the Public Ministry has been carrying out.

Cardinal Lacunza appeared in the district of Boquete, after going missing for 50 hours and being reported by the Diocese of David.

No further information has been provided to the media about the investigation, but they reiterate that other versions of the events are being sought.

Cardinal Lacunza's vehicle was located Thursday, February 1, and was immediately transferred to the yards of the Public Ministry in the district of David, where some other tests were also being carried out within the investigation process.


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Cardinal apologizes for “stupid” disappearance


Posted 04/02/2024

"I want to offer you my apologies and ask for your forgiveness for the displeasure I caused you in recent days," said Spanish Cardinal José Luis Lacunza, this Sunday at the mass he officiated in David, province of Chiriquí.

"I don't deserve the tears, but I appreciate them, it was a stupid thing that I didn't do when I was 15 years old and I did them now when I'm going to turn 80, the older I am the more stupid," he said.

The cardinal disappeared for 48 hours and was located in Boquete. He was located by a motorized group Linces, which was carrying out operations to find the location of the ecclesiastic, who was found walking and his car was near the Caldera River, supposedly without fuel.

Late on Wednesday night, representatives of the Catholic Church reported the strange disappearance of the Cardinal to the Public Ministry and the Police.


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