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3-Bedroom Home With Fertile Yard In Bongo, Bugaba For Sale

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This home for sale is located in Bongo Abajo, Bongo, Distrito de Bugaba. The residence, built just two years ago, has tiled floors, a water reserve system, and an array of thoughtful features.

Exterior Features
Step into a covered parking area, and admire the front terrace secured with charming railings. Inside, a corridor connects the living room, dining area, and kitchen. A master bedroom, with en-suite access to a bathroom, leads to an adjoining room currently utilized as an office.

Moving beyond the kitchen, find a covered and gated laundry area, accompanied by an additional room, presently serving as storage, with its own bathroom.

Lush Gardens and Agricultural Bounty
The fertile grounds around the property host a variety of fruit-bearing trees, including silk lemons, Taiwanese guavas, blackberries, mangosteen, tangerines, and finger-sized mandarins. Separated by a protective fence, another section boasts thriving crops of yuca, otoe, pineapple, bananas, plantains, and guandú beans. The property is adorned with orchids and papos in assorted sizes, colors, and shapes.

Situated on an asphalted street just meters away from the main road, this home benefits from its proximity to the recently inaugurated Bugaba–Volcán highway expansion project. Enjoy dual access options via the popular route or the alternate path connecting Cuesta de Piedra with Bugaba through Sortová and Bongo.

Rural Tranquility
Embrace the serene ambiance of this rural haven, surrounded by rivers and streams. The area thrives on agricultural and livestock activities, capitalizing on the richness of its soils. It's a retreat into nature without sacrificing convenience.

Nearby Amenities
Merely 8 km from La Concepción, you'll find easy access to clinics, hospitals, supermarkets, and other essential amenities. Strategic locale blends countryside tranquility with city conveniences, offering a harmonious balance for an enriched living experience.

This property holds a practical status as a Right of Possession, undergoing a titling process. Recently approved by ANATI, the plot awaits final registration of the title in the Public Registry. Anticipate the culmination of this significant step in the selling process within the year.

Noteworthy is the property's fertile soil, nurturing a diverse range of flora and fruit-bearing trees. Fertile ground fosters diverse crops, offering a chance for sustainable living in harmony with nature on this property.

“Very competent and honest.” “We can absolutely recommend Casa Solution.”  – Karl H. Mayer

For more information, a more complete description and updated prices for this property, please visit Casa Solution's website.


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