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23.5 Acres Lot With Lake For Sale In Palma Real, Potrerillos

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This expansive property seamlessly integrates vast land and a pristine man-made lake is located in Palma Real, Potrerillos, Panama.

The centerpiece of this remarkable estate is its own man-made lake, meticulously designed to enhance the property's allure.

The lake, thoughtfully stocked with Tilapia and Sargento fish, not only enriches the natural ecosystem but also opens avenues for a sustainable food source. Beyond its ecological significance, the lake introduces the potential for an additional income stream, aligning with modern principles of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness.

There is electricity and water available to the property.

This real estate gem goes beyond the basics, embracing the importance of leisure and recreation. The meticulously designed lake provides not just a scenic backdrop but also an opportunity for various water-based activities. Whether it's a serene afternoon of fishing or a leisurely boat ride, residents can immerse themselves in the peaceful ambiance.

Beyond the recreational aspects, the expansive land offers an exciting potential for agricultural ventures. With a diverse landscape, there's an opportunity to cultivate a variety of crops or engage in horticultural pursuits. The property's fertile grounds create a canvas for those with a green thumb.

This property blends nature, recreation, and sustainability, providing residents with a canvas to craft their lifestyle through expansive land. Don't miss the opportunity to make this unique real estate offering your home in the heart of Chiriqui's vibrant landscape.

“A Pleasure to Work With. We Highly Recommend Them.” – Tom & Anita Stevens

For more information, a more complete description and updated prices for this property, please visit Casa Solution's website.


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