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Anti-Corruption Prosecutor inspects AIG offices

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Anti-Corruption Prosecutor inspects AIG offices


Luis Oliva

 Posted 04/01/2024

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office carried out a ‘visual inspection' procedure at the offices of the Government Innovation Authority (AIG), on Thursday, December 4.

The proceedings are part of the investigation initiated on December 1, 2023, for the alleged commission of crime against the Public Administration.

The complaint was filed against the former director of the institution, Luis Oliva, by deputy administrator Luis Stoute for possible irregularities in the use of software that was used for the Digital Voucher platform.

On December 6, Oliva, who is also a candidate for deputy for the Democratic Revolutionary Party, went to the Electoral Court to renounce the electoral jurisdiction that he would acquire for the next elections.

At that time, Oliva said that he had nothing to hide and had no problems with investigations being carried out to clarify the facts. He added that Deputy Administrator Stoute does not understand computer programs, ensuring that everything is his mistake.

Oliva, like the AIG, has been questioned about how the digital voucher was distributed, one of them was Congressman Juan Diego Vásquez who asked why this benefit reached fewer people in more vulnerable places than San Miguelito.


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Supervisor of government assistance program behind bars


Posted 17/02/2024

An operations supervisor at the Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) is in provisional detention accused of allegedly manipulating the database of the Digital Voucher social program created during the COVID epidemic to assist families at the bottom end of the social scale.

The 49-year-old official, who was charged with six counts of fraud after a hearing on Friday, had access to the CédulaD platform, so she made changes to the access credentials in the user accounts of various beneficiaries of the Digital Voucher program.

According to the prosecutor's office, the woman then provided the information to third parties "who illegally exchanged the profit in various businesses located in the district of San Miguelito."

That is, they collected the $120 that the Government allocated, through the ID cards, to people affected by the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the hearing, prosecutors Auris Rodríguez and Solangel Fuentes argued that the official should remain detained because of  the risk posed by the accused "due to the plurality of cases she maintains and the seriousness of the nature of the crime."

 According to the Public Ministry, the official is holding seven other hearings related to the same type of crime to the detriment of beneficiaries of the Digital Voucher program.

The program was created by the AIG in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, under the administration of Luis Oliva now running for deputy.

 Last year, Luis Carlos Stoute, now former deputy administrator of the AIG, filed a complaint for alleged 'irregularities or clear indications' of possible commission of crimes against the public administration, in the management of the Digital Voucher platform.

The whistleblower’s reward was removal from his position.


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