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Price Reduction! Remarkable Piece Of Land For Sale In Bugaba

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This remarkable piece of land that boasts an impressive size of 8,500.13 square meters or 2.10 acres.  This property for sale that can be utilized in various ways, whether for a residential property, home site, or likely could be for commercial purpose as well. This is a real estate opportunity that is sure to appeal to buyers looking for a property with great potential. 

One of the most significant advantages of this land is its location.  It is situated in the picturesque district of San Andrés, known for its fresh and pleasant climate that is sure to appeal to those who appreciate the beauty of nature.  The land sits at an altitude of 1,700 feet above sea level, providing residents with cooler temperatures than the nearby city of La Concepcion at 675 feet (about 25 minutes) or David at 175 feet (about 65 minutes). 

The land is gifted with rich soil, providing ideal conditions for agricultural activities.  The soil is black and fertile, with little to no rocks, providing excellent depth for root growth.  The property has a mostly flat topography that is ideal for a wide variety of construction or farming activities.

The land also boasts approximately 170 meters of frontage that borders the primary stream of the area, which adds to the charm and uniqueness of the property.  The property also has around 68 meters of frontage on the asphalted road that leads to San Andrés, Caizán, and Volcán, making it easily accessible to visitors and residents alike.

Electricity and water are available as the service lines run in front of the land, making it likely to be easy to connect the property to the utilities.  

The land's strategic location provides easy access to various essential services, making it a great place to live.  There are small shops, fondas or local eateries, hardware stores, agropecuarias or agricultural supply stores, churches, a police station, a bar, and the Senafront in the community all pretty close to this property.   Which means that the land offers the perfect balance between a quiet, natural environment and proximity to necessary amenities.

The land also has an impressive selection of trees that are becoming increasingly rare, such as the Cuajá and Secuara, and there is an abundance of cañazas or bamboo on the property.   This adds to the property's natural beauty and value.

This property is an excellent investment opportunity.  The land's prime location, fertile soil, and abundant natural resources make it a perfect choice for anyone looking to build a home, establish a farm or develop a commercial property.  Don't miss out on the chance to own this unique and exceptional piece of land.

“Casa Solution did an Excellent Job” – Ronald Wallie

For more information, a more complete description and updated prices for this property, please visit Casa Solution's website.


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