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32,000 agents assigned to summer security operation

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32,000 agents assigned to summer security operation


Posted 29/12/2023

Some 32,000 agents will participate in Operation “Apolo” to provide security for citizens and visitors this summer.

Members of the National Immigration Service, Fire Department, National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), and rescue and medical emergency personnel from the Single Emergency Service will participate in the operation.

The group of officials will travel to different parts of the country, as part of the operation "to safeguard the lives and guarantee social peace of nationals and foreigners who are in the country's territory."

During the launch ceremony the Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, thanked the members of the team who joined together as a single fist "to protect the physical integrity and property of national and foreign citizens."

Pino indicated that they will be facing new challenges in the coming months, such as trips to the beaches, carnivals, fair activities in the provinces, and Lent, but he is sure that “together” the mission will be accomplished.

“Each of you has been selected for your courage, commitment, and skill. I fully trust their abilities, their determination, loyalty, and professionalism, to fulfill our mission,” Pino said.

The other entities that will participate in “Apolo” are the National Police, the National Aeronaval Service, the National Border Service, and the National Immigration Service.

The medical emergency teams of the Social Security Fund and the Fire Department will also support the operation.

Pino pointed out that the country trusts in its public forces. "The task is arduous and complex, but the work does not go unnoticed because every step taken, and every sacrifice made is in honor of the country and our loved ones."


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