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450 Civil Protection personnel ready for busy beaches

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450 Civil Protection personnel ready for busy beaches


Posted 28/12/2023

Some 450 personnel of Panama’s National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc)  will be deployed on the most visited beaches during the year-end holidays and the summer season, that starts in January.

From Veracruz beach, in Arraiján, the director of Sinaproc, Adherbal De La Rosa, explained the meaning of each of the flags placed on beaches and rivers, to educate bathers.

The green flag means free bathing and that there is no risk. However, the yellow flag means that it is a swim with caution due to strong waves or identified marine agents. The red flag is the prohibition of bathers in the recreational area because there is an imminent danger.

De La Rosa said that, even though a green flag is placed on a beach, bathers must maintain measures and precautions, in addition to protection against solar radiation and hydration.

He recommended people go to the places covered by Sinaproc and Fire Department personnel.

De La Rosa explained that they will strengthen the group of lifeguards and in January 45 new instructors will be trained


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