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Nice Lot With Lemon Trees For Sale In Caldera

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Land for sale opportunity in Caldera, Boquete, Chiriqui – a 2,576 square meters piece of land strategically positioned just 27 minutes from Boquete downtown. This lot is situated along a paved road.

At the heart of Caldera, this parcel enjoys a central location on the main road, making it an ideal spot for building either a home or a business. The convenience of being on the main thoroughfare connecting Boquete with Caldera ensures easy accessibility for residents and customers alike.

As you explore this property, a stream gracefully borders the rear, adding a natural touch to the landscape. The land is graced by a variety of trees, providing both shade and the refreshing aroma of lemon trees.

What sets this property apart is not just its location but also its fertile land. With excellent drainage and soil of organic origin (rich black earth), your gardening endeavors are set up for success. The fertility of the soil opens the door to creating a lush, green oasis right on your property.

With connections to electricity, water, and public lighting available.

The ease of access is further emphasized by the well-maintained asphalt road leading to the property.

Whether you envision a charming family home or a thriving business venture, this land in Caldera provides the foundation for your aspirations. Its location, coupled with the natural elements surrounding it, creates a unique and appealing opportunity in the Chiriqui real estate market.

The versatile nature of the property allows for thoughtful development, be it a residence that captures the essence of peaceful living or a business that benefits from a central location. The potential for growth and success is evident, and the canvas is ready for your vision to come to life.

“Totally Confident in Recommending Them 100%” “5 Stars for a Great Group of People and a Very, Very Good Experience” – Jane Vasarhelyi

For more information, a more complete description and updated prices for this property, please visit Casa Solution's website.


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