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Beautiful Property For Sale In Los Algarrobos, David, Chiriqui

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Inviting property, ideally situated a mere 10-minute drive from the bustling town of David, Chiriqui. Nestled in a serene community, this charming residence boasts a picturesque backdrop featuring a majestic Guayacan or Araguaney tree, complemented by a variety of other beautiful trees, ornamental plants, and graceful palms.

Upon entering the property, you'll notice a well-maintained perimeter fence. The convenience of a covered parking area for two cars adds to the property's appeal. The house features a central portal where you can find the main entrance.

Landscaping: Nature's Embrace
Paths of sturdy cement lead alongside the house, guiding you through the yard. The carefully mantained outdoor space harmoniously integrates with the living areas, creating a seamless connection between nature and home. The blend of greenery, a terracotta-toned floor in the living spaces, and the overall layout exude a genuine charm.

The property offers three bedrooms, each adorned with rustic turquoise wooden closets that beautifully contrast with the flooring. One of the bedrooms has been transformed into a charming painting studio, showcasing the versatility of the space. The property also have two full bathrooms.

Heart of the Home: Covered Terrace
Undoubtedly the heart of the home, the spacious covered terrace beckons with a captivating view of the meticulously landscaped yard. This outdoor oasis is an ideal space for relaxation, entertaining, or simply enjoying the tranquility of your surroundings. It seamlessly extends the living space, providing an alfresco escape for residents and guests alike.

this property offers not just a residence but a lifestyle. The blend of nature, thoughtful design, and convenient location make it a truly appealing option for those seeking a peaceful retreat within close proximity to urban conveniences. Don't miss the opportunity to make this tranquil oasis your home.

“Totally Confident in Recommending Them 100%” “5 Stars for a Great Group of People and a Very, Very Good Experience” – Jane Vasarhelyi

For more information, a more complete description and updated prices for this property, please visit Casa Solution's website.


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