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Land Parcel For Sale In La Unión Rio Sereno, Chiriqui

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Situated in the heart of La Unión Rio Sereno, Chiriqui, this gently sloping land parcel presents a pragmatic investment choice. This beautiful and fertile land is located just 12 minutes away from Rio Sereno's central hub and 1 hour from Casa Solution's office in downtown, Volcán, Chiriqui.  This property has various access routes.

This property enjoys a genuinely picturesque setting against the backdrop of Chiriqui's natural landscape, embraced by undulating hills and lush greenery. Notably, it is conveniently located just 200 meters from the Duty-Free commercial area that connects Panama and Costa Rica, making it a strategically accessible investment opportunity.

Terrain and Potential
The land parcel showcases a diverse topography, featuring both flat expanses and gentle slopes.  The soil has been cultivated over the years for agricultural purposes, underscoring its potential for various ventures.

Ideal for Commercial Development

The property's strategic position in a prominent commercial zone and its favorable geography make it an attractive option for commercial ventures. Its location alongside a main road offers visibility and accessibility, contributing to its commercial viability.

“Ultra Responsive Customer Service” “We Highly Recommend Them Without Hesitation.” – Kelly and Ray Laurel

For more information, a more complete description and updated prices for this property, please visit Casa Solution's website.


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