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No increase in electricity rates - FOR NOW

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No increase in electricity rates  - FOR NOW


Posted 28/07/2023

The National Authority for Public Services (Asep) issued a statement in which it clarified to the general public and electricity market agents that up to now no increase in the electricity rate applicable to Large Customers has been established nor has a decision been made on a possible rate increase.

The institution's response comes after the Association of Large Electric Clients of Panama (Agrandel) warned about the possible increase in the charges for generated power and residential rates in recent days.

The Asep pointed out that the consultation period related to the "Distribution and Commercialization Rate Sheets of the electricity distribution companies" has not concluded, therefore, "we cannot speak of an increase in the electricity rate".

They added that the consultation, which was open to receive comments from all citizens from July 13 to 27 and is being carried out to comply with the Transparency Law, has not ended because the review phase of all comments remains open. received to respond as part of what establishes the market rules.


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No increase in electricity rates for six months - ASEP


Posted 01/08/2023

The administrator of the Public Services Authority (ASEP), Armando Fuentes, reiterated in AM News that electricity rates for regulated customers will not increase, this after doubts that have arisen as a result of public consultation that the tariff schedule was opened for what will be, which must be reviewed every 4 years.

According to TVN sources, the rate of return requested by the distribution companies was not granted, nor was what was requested by the Electric Transmission Company SA (Etesa) as a regulated subject; on the contrary, it has gone down because they are trying to make companies more efficient.

He explained that when making the consultations, the specifications are placed as they are set by the distributors and logically, the decision of what happens or not, will be made by the ASEP.

The tariff schedule must be approved by the end of September, so, according to sources, for the next 6 months there will be no increase in electricity service.

"In the month of September I have to hold a public act to communicate how much the rate is, we are neither programming a rate increase, nor agreeing to a rate increase with distributors, nor do we want it, nor will we allow it," he assured.


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