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Consumer protection agency fines 548 for price gouging

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Consumer protection agency fines 548 for price gouging


Posted 02/07/2023

In the first half of the year, some 548 fines have been imposed by the Authority for the Protection of Consumers (Acodeco) for non-compliance with price controls for 18 products in the basic food basket.

This has represented $234,500, throughout the country, the entity detailed Sunday, July 2.

By economic activities, the sanctions are broken down as follows: - convenience stores, 342 ($104,750) - supermarkets, 77 ($86,562.50) grocery stores, 70 ($18,375) - warehouses, 8 ($8,937.50) - kiosks, 29 ($7,375) - consumer cooperatives, 8 ($3,750) - public markets, 8 ($2,000) - pharmacies, 1 ($1,500).

Through Executive Decree No. 1 of January 18, 2023, the Government extended the validity of Executive Decree No. 165 of July 1, 2014, on the maximum retail prices of 18 basic food products. The extension is for an additional six months.

Snitch lines
Acodeco recalled that it is the entity in charge of monitoring compliance with this measure and points out that it's Institutional Information and Complaint System (Sindi) is enabled for the receipt of complaints, on WhatsApp and Telegram 6330-3333; as well as the accounts of the AcodecoPma social networks on Facebook, Twitter, and the website.


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