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83-year-old earns honors degree at University of Panama

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83-year-old earns  honors degree at University of Panama


Posted 23/05/2023

Danilo Rodríguez Acosta, 83, received a minute-long ovation when he received his honors degree at the University of Panama School of Journalism graduation ceremony.

Since he began his career, his academic index was 2.38, demonstrating that age was not an impediment to having a high academic performance.

"What I have done is like an encouragement to young people", said the graduate, taking stock of everything learned during his four years of study… “being aware that age is only a number since the important thing is to maintain the desire to develop in an environment that provides satisfactory moments,” he said.

The now-graduate began his professional career empirically and has a radio space called Habla con la Comunidad, broadcast from La Primerísima, at 1470 AM. Rodríguez said that he saw in journalism a "very emblematic and self-sacrificing" professional branch.

In the radio space, it delves into educational, and cultural issues.

In addition, Rodríguez also has professional experience as a teacher. He feels that sharing information and having the ability to teach has been a source of personal and professional satisfaction.

 Danilo Rodríguez was one of the 141 graduates of the Faculty of Social Communication who participated in the graduation ceremony of the 2022-2023 class.


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