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Transit Authority swoops on errant buses

Posted 15/03/2023

To guarantee the safe transportation of passengers, the Transit and Land Transportation Authority (ATTT), together with the Transit Operations Directorate (DNOT) , carried out inspections of public transportation nationwide, during the morning of Tuesday, March 14.

The inspections were carried out at the transport terminals of Chitré-Herrera, David-Chiriquí, Santiago-Veraguas, and at the Albrook Terminal in Panama.

Carlos Ordóñez, director of the ATTT, said that the operations have been carried out since January to verify that the buses have the policy, vehicle registration, and certificate of operation. In addition to minimum security issues such as having a fire extinguisher, triangle, and tires in good condition.

Ordóñez indicated that, in the case of the buses on the La Chorrera route , some drivers with expired permits were detected, so they were given the opportunity to appear at the ATTT and renew the document.

On the other hand, on a bus on the Colón routeA, additional positions to those allowed were detected., the director of the ATTT reiterated the call to carriers to refrain from carrying passengers in the middle of buses because this is illegal.


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