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"Study without Hunger" program will reach over 101,000 students

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"Study without Hunger" program will reach over 101,000 students


Posted 27/02/2023

The "Study without Hunger" program will expend   $9.1 million for the 2023 school year, which starts on March 6. The benefits will reach 486 schools nationwide and will impact approximately 101,312 students from the 16 educational regions, including the provinces and the three indigenous regions, said Héctor De León, nutritionist for the Ministry of Education (Meduca).

"Study without Hunger" was created with the aim of offering healthy food and adequate nutrition to students from official educational centers, in order to improve their performance and academic performance.

The foods that are provided contain proteins, and carbohydrates and include vegetables and fruits, to complement a balanced diet. Each menu or diet is prepared by the nutritionists of each school and is based on the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health for the country's dietary guidelines.

The schools are currently shopping for food and carrying out the procedures to start the preparation and distribution of healthy lunches The purchases of these food products are programmed with Meduca, through the National Directorate of Nutrition of the capital city, where the economic resources are transferred to the different educational regions so that they can carry out the acquisition of the items depending on the demand of students


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